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Long and winding road
Traveling couple has brush with Beatle brother
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Forsyth County News
They've seen London. They've seen France.
But Forsyth County residents C.A. and Mary Nix said no trip could compare to their recent journey to Liverpool, England.
Huge Beatles fans, the couple set out to see a two-hour Paul McCartney performance at the Liverpool Sound Concert on June 1. The people of the historic city itself had the Nixes feeling like Liverpudlians.
"Instead of just going to see Paul," Mary Nix said, "we wanted to experience the city itself. In the process we met the most amazing, friendly, helpful people."
In their city-wide travels, the Nixes got some face time with Rory Best, who is the younger brother of a member of the original Beatles lineup: Drummer, Pete Best who parted with the band in 1962.
Rory Best took the Nixes on a tour of the Casbah Coffee Club, a musical club where the Beatles performed as the Quarrymen before they were famous about 1959.
But the highlight, the couple said, was the Paul McCartney concert.
"We were sweating," Mary said. "It was hot, it was loud and it was wonderful. As long as you could hear the music playing, you didn't care how you felt."
Before and after the concert, the couple got to check out the city they said they'd eventually like to call a summer home.
"People would hear us talking our 'American-ese'," Mary said, "and they'd stop and ask where we were from, and they'd carry on for 15 minutes talking and telling us their life story."
The couple went "pub-hopping" with locals in Liverpool.
"We had a great time with the people there," C.A. Nix said. "They took us into their homes. They took us out to dinner. That's how people treat you there. Like a friend."
Nix is the president of Medical Practice Technologies, a medical-specific system support company in Forsyth County.
He and his wife try to take a trip every summer. They say the past couple of years they've gotten farther and farther away from the United States in their travels.
Other trips have taken them beyond Liverpool, but they said it's their favorite spot so far, especially after meeting Best.
 "It was amazing," Mary said, "to get to meet somebody who was so close to the Beatles. That made the trip worth it."