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TV show opening doors for artist
Local man a contestant on 'The Voice'
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Chris Cauley, a Forsyth Central High graduate, was recently on TV's 'The Voice." - photo by File photo


As Chris Cauley left the stage on TV’s “The Voice,” thousands of new fans across the world were in an uproar.

But Cauley’s parting words showed no anger.

“Adam, you know that I was a big fan of your music, and now I can say that I’m a fan of you as a man, which is more important,” Cauley said to his mentor, Grammy-winning artist Adam Levine.

The Forsyth County native left “The Voice” in the musical competition’s second round, in which coaches pair up singers they selected during round one’s blind auditions.

Cauley, 27, was paired with former Mouseketeer Tony Lucca to sing a duet of U2’s “It’s a Beautiful Day” and battle for a spot in the next round.

In a phone interview following Monday’s airing of the show, Cauley said it isn’t in his character to be upset with Levine’s decision.

“That’s not how I was raised,” Cauley said.

And he’s not holding a grudge, either.

“I’m getting a ton of respect,” Cauley said. “A lot of people didn’t agree with the decision. But at the end of the day, no matter what happens, as cliché as it sounds, it was truly an honor to be there.”

Since his departure, Cauley has received millions of words of encouragement from new fans through social media.

And his exposure isn’t limited to new fans; Cauley also caught the eye of industry professionals.

“Not even 24 hours after it aired, let’s just say I was in two very important meetings, and I’m on the brink of some pretty cool things,” Cauley said.

He’s also gained notoriety here, hearing from old friends and being recognized by strangers in public.

The journey on “The Voice” started for Cauley, a full-time singer, when a booking agent sent him on an audition.

He passed through two rounds of singing in front of producers before he arrived on the famed “blind audition” stage, where he performed “Grenade” to the backs of four famous artists.

“It would be really easy for me to say I’m a professional, I don’t get nervous, but that would be a lie,” Cauley said. “It’s so nerve-wracking. I think the creepiest thing is that once you walk through those double doors into the room, it’s dead silent.”

On the show, if the judges like what they hear, they will turn their chairs around and ask the singer to join their team.

Cauley had the choice between two coaches — Levine and Cee-Lo Green — but knew beforehand that he’d choose Levine if possible.

“I’m a big fan of what he does and what he brings to the table,” Cauley said, adding that he’s still sure he made the right choice. “When I did spend one-on-one time with him, that was the one time for me where the cameras just kind of disappeared.”

In total, Cauley spent about six weeks in Los Angeles, which he said included taping several hours of footage, about 95 percent of which didn’t get used.

A newlywed at the time, Cauley brought his wife from their Alpharetta home out to California to support him in the battle round. But most of his time in L.A., said mother Janet, was spent without communicating with any family.

“We didn’t even know anything,” Janet Cauley said, adding that it made watching the show more exciting. “I was like ‘Oh, I hope somebody turns around or he’s going to be devastated.’”

The show keeps its contestants somewhat secluded to prevent outcomes from being leaked.

Janet Cauley said her son probably realized his dream while a student at Forsyth Central High School, when he formed three-piece singing group “Broken Poets.”

An employee of Forsyth County Schools, Janet Cauley said she’s heard from plenty in the community who enjoyed watching.

“Thanks for everybody’s support,” she said. “Keep on pulling for him for the future and whatever happens.”