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95 percent of Forsyth property taxes in
Deadline was on Nov. 15

FORSYTH COUNTY — Nearly a week after the deadline to pay property taxes passed, Forsyth County’s tax commissioner said he was pleased with how the process has gone this year.

“We’re ahead of last year,” said Matthew Ledbetter. “Collections have been great, and we appreciate the big response to mailing in the payments and making payments online. That helps it keeps our costs down.”

A portion of the property tax money will go to the general fund for the county, but the largest part funds the Forsyth County school system.

“They get the larger portion over at the board of education, because that’s what keeps up the schools,” said Ledbetter, adding that payments for the year are up from last year.

“We’re at 95 percent, which means we have collected $193,599,967, and these numbers are as of close [Thursday],” Ledbetter said. “That’s ahead of 2013. On the same day, [the total] was 92 percent.”

For the 5 percent of taxpayers who haven’t paid yet, there’s still time, but penalties start in December and increase up to 22 percent a year, between the state and the county.

“They’ll go through a process that will get penalties and interest,” Ledbetter said of stragglers. “The interest rolls on the 15th of each month, and then on February 15, the state acquires the 10 percent penalty.”

Ledbetter said the county’s taxpayers deserve gratitude for the high compliance.

“That is outstandingly well,” Ledbetter said. “And we attribute that rate to great citizens of Forsyth County that pay their taxes on time, and we need to give them a pat on the back for that.”