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City catches up on time
Unusual lag on clock corrected
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Forsyth County News

The city of Cumming caught up on some lost time Monday.

For more than two weeks, the clock on the southeastern side of City Hall has been running about 40 minutes behind the three other sides.

The clock repairman cancelled his appointment Tuesday, but Chad Faulkner took matters in his own hands.

“It was a matter of taking some wires loose and letting the rest of the clocks catch up to the one that was broken,” said Faulkner, city information technology specialist.

“Once I did that, I put all the wires back on and made some other little adjustments to the clock.”

Faulkner said the repairman talked him through the steps.

“If need be, we’ll let him come in,” he said. “But everything’s on the right time now.”

The French-made Verdin clocks have been part of the downtown City Hall since it opened in 2002.

The unusual time lag, the first in at least five years, caught some city officials and many residents by surprise.