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Citys Web site drawing notice
Sports new look, enhanced features
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Check out the city of Cumming’s updated Web site at

The city of Cumming recently got a new look. Well, a virtual one at least.

Earlier this month, the city went live with a new Web site hub created by Marc Satterfield Design.

In December, the city council approved the Forsyth company’s $17,000 bid for the project.

The company’s founder and creative director, Marc Satterfield, said about four months of work went into the site.

“There was a lot of pre-planning and a lot of marking things up and writing copy and going out to take photos,” he said. “It took us from January until the end of April.”

According to Satterfield, the feedback from city employees has been positive.

“Several members of the staff have commended us on our work, on bringing it to a modern stage,” he said. “It captures old town Cumming while displaying the modern, new Cumming that’s up and growing.”

Jodia Hobgood, data acquisition specialist with the city’s utility department, enjoys the new look.

“It’s just good to update things,” she said. “It looks great and it’s very easy to use.

“I like that it shows how beautiful City Hall is and shows all the different things about the city. Forsyth County needs to know that the city does a lot and has a lot to offer.”

The new Web site features a slideshow of photos taken around the city with descriptions of each, as well as links to several city departments and attractions and calendars. There’s also an area that displays a featured business of the month.

Satterfield said he is particularly proud of the business area.

“The featured business is big and we really want to drive people to that,” he said, explaining that any business in the city can sign up to be considered for the feature.

“They have to be a business in good standing. We run the submitted businesses through a random computer generator that selects one for each month.”

In creating the new design, Satterfield said he and city leaders had three goals.

“We wanted to create a sense of community, to show off what a beautiful place Cumming is to get people to come in here to generate revenue for the city, and the other one was to of course bring it into the modern age,” he said.

He added that the new site is also much easier to use.

“Our efficiency studies have shown that it’s about 200 percent more efficient and easier to navigate than the old site,” he said.

More features likely will be added to the site over time, Satterfield said, and individual department pages may eventually be updated.

“That’s in discussion right now,” he said. “This is the first version … we’re going to be adding to it.”

Overall, Satterfield’s happy with the new site.

“I’m just pleased with the overall look and modernization of it, while it still captures old town Cumming,” he said. “I feel it’s dead on with getting everything in there and giving people a reason to come in and educating them on the city.

“There’s a little history in there, but it’s more of like, ‘Hey, this is wow and this is fun, come see this.’”