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Election 2018 local round-up: Molly Cooper to be next District 1 county commissioner
Molly Cooper
Molly Cooper

Leslie Abernathy-Maddox reelected to Judge of State Court of Forsyth County

Incumbent Leslie Abernathy-Maddox strongly defeated John Rife, taking 65 percent of the 28,720 ballots cast.

After results from the election were in, Abernathy-Maddox stated that she was happily surprised at the voter turnout and the support that was shown for her.

“It’s awesome, it’s exciting, it’s a relief, and it is wonderful to know that I had the support of so many voters in our county,” Abernathy-Maddox said. “The sad situation is most people don’t care who their judge is, because they figure they won’t ever go to court and so they don’t need to know who that person is.

“I’m excited to see that so many people cared and came out and voted. I was overwhelmed to see the great voter turnout we had county-wide, whether they voted for me or not,” she said.

-- Alexander Popp

McCall wins Board of Education District 1 seat
In the Board of Education District 1 seat race, contender Wes McCall defeated Mark Weiss, taking 53.39 percent of the 3,750 ballots cast.

McCall will not face any Democrat challenger in the November general election.

“It’s amazing, just to see the work over the last five months all coming together in one day,” McCall said. “Now the hard part starts.”

After the results were posted, he told FCN that his primary goal in the new seat is to improve any measure that might help to improve the communication between teachers and their students.

“I want to be able to create whatever environment it takes for a teacher to connect with a student,” he said.

-- Alexander Popp

Cooper wins BOC primary

It appears Molly Cooper will be the next Forsyth County Commissioner for District 1.

Cooper beat out fellow Republican candidate Dooz Owings 77.3 percent to 22.7 percent, or 3,000 votes to 882, in the Republican primary for the seat on Tuesday. She will not face a challenge from a Democratic candidate.

She said her next step will be getting to know the ins and outs of the job before taking office.

“I’d like to get involved,” Cooper said on Tuesday evening. “I’d like to bring to fruition the plans that we have … balancing out the tax digest, working with other members of the board of commissioners, as well as the county government itself. There are a lot of county departments, and I would like to meet everyone before I actually take the seat. I want to be very familiar.”

– Kelly Whitmire