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First transportation open house held in south Forsyth
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Open houses will be held from 6-8 p.m. at:

• West Forsyth High School on April 17

• Central Park Recreation Center on April 19

• Lambert High School on April 24

• Hampton Park Library on April 27

SOUTH FORSYTH -- At an open house this week, members of the community gave input to a plan that will affect Forsyth County roadways for more than two decades.

An open house was held at the Lanier Technical College Forsyth Conference Center on Wednesday to discuss the update to Forsyth County’s comprehensive transportation plan, which will look at the long-range goals for vehicular, freight, bicycle and pedestrian needs through 2040.

“This is the first public open house that we’re holding,” said Michael Kray, consultant project manager with Jacobs Engineering. “Right now what we really want to do is gather input from the community on what the needs are for the transportation system.”

Kray said the plan is currently in the existing conditions phase of the project, meaning consultants are looking at what currently exists. Input from the public will go to the final two phases – needs assessment and recommendations.

All meetings will have the same information and are open house sessions, meaning there will be no formal presentation.

“We’re looking at the state of the transportation system as it is today,” Kray said. “That establishes our baseline for the comparison to our horizon year, 2040; so, is congestion really bad where we see it based on the travel demand model … Are their safety concerns? Do we need sidewalks somewhere?

“We will have everything wrapped up by December of this year,” Kray said. “Then, the county can take action on it early in 2018.”

Comments from residents will be compiled with information from the consultants and Forsyth County staff to form the plan, which will be used to compile a list of projects and policy recommendations.

Under state rules, counties must update the plan every five years. The county’s current plan is from 2011.

Display materials and an online survey, are online at or by contacting Kray at (404) 978-7620 or by email at