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Inaccurate Forsyth County voter information hearing set for Aug. 1

Forsyth County’s Board of Voter Registrations and Elections will hold a hearing next month to clean up voter rolls.

On Tuesday morning, board members and department supervisor Barbara Luth discussed an Aug. 1 hearing about voters with inaccurate information in county records.

“We have sent them letters that said we are having a hearing for them, and that will be in August that we will bring them before the board to make decisions on whether you want to move these voters from the list,” Luth said.

Luth said there are a few ways the voters could have wound up on the list.

“The majority of those voters are voters that either registered at a mailbox and they slipped past us, unfortunately. The other is there used to be a house there and now it’s not a house, it’s a mailbox,” she said. “Sometimes we have code enforcement go out and see if there is a structure on the property.” 

Those on the list will receive a letter describing the county’s issue with their registration. For those with multiple addresses, letters have been sent to each.

“We have sent multiple letters,” Luth said. “We have sent letters to old addresses, new addresses, from return mail. We talked to property tax [assessors] so we can get accurate information from them ... the ones we are bringing to you are ones that we have had no response and most of them we don’t have return mail, which means they probably got something somewhere but they haven’t responded.”

Luth said 22 voters were mailed hearing letters and will be sent a letter and are able to re-register after the hearing with a new address. Many of the voters in question have not voted since at least 2014.

Hearings were last held in 2015 for city of Cumming residents related to a special election.