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Litter cleanup extended for roads in Forsyth County

NORTH FORSYTH — A litter program approved earlier this year in Forsyth County has been extended.

During a work session Tuesday, the county commission voted 4-0, with Commissioner Jim Boff absent, to continue funding trash pickup along Hwy. 369 and certain stretches of Ga. 400. The deal is for $63,150 with Latham Home Sanitation.

Tammy Wright, Forsyth’s manager of environmental programs, asked for the extension because “we’re just now entering the time of major complaints” as litter becomes more visible with the seasonal retreat of roadside vegetation.

“As of today, we have expended a little over $15,000 for litter pickup over the last six months,” she said.

The trash issue surfaced in February, when the commission heard numerous complaints of garbage flying off trucks headed to the Eagle Point Landfill in the county’s northwest corner.

Also particularly troublesome, according to residents, have been certain stretches of Ga. 400.

Wright added that one of the collection efforts resulted in the removal of tons of trash, including some unexpected items.

“On the last pickup on Hwy. 369 they picked up 14 tractor trailer tires … that kind of brought up concerns of, ‘Are people changing the tires on the side of the road and just leaving them there? They picked up over 14 tons [of trash] on Hwy. 369 from Ga. 400 to the county line.”

In August, trash was collected along both sides of Hwy. 20 from Sawnee Drive to the Cherokee County line.

Also cleaned during that time were both sides of Hwy. 369 from the Hall County line to Ga. 400 and Hwy. 306 between Hwys. 9 and 53.

In September and November, cleanups targeted both sides of Hwy. 369 from Ga. 400 to the Hall County line.

Other parts of the program include a litter hotline and an ad campaign.