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Meeting scrapped over public notice
Planning board will reconvene in April
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Forsyth County News


The Tuesday night meeting of Forsyth County's planning board was cancelled over concerns it may not have been properly publicized.

Nydia Tisdale, a political activist from Roswell, questioned officials before the meeting about why notices announcing it had not been posted in the Forsyth County Administration Building.

According to Georgia Sunshine laws, notice of regular public meetings of governmental bodies must include the time, date and place of the sessions.

The notice also "shall be posted and maintained in a conspicuous place available to the public at the regular meeting place of the agency."

The meeting's agenda, which contained two requests for conditional use permits, was posted on the county Web site.

Shortly after the meeting was scheduled to begin, Interim Planning Director Tom Brown announced the session would not be held "due to a lack of proper public notice."

Tisdale said she had informed Brown and County Manager Doug Derrer that she would file a complaint with the Georgia Attorney General's Office if the meeting wasn't cancelled.

A couple of county officials took issue with the turn of events and questioned how much taxpayer money may have been wasted as a result.

Jodi Gardner, county spokeswoman, said the matters on the agenda will be taken up at the planning board's next scheduled meeting, slated for April 19.