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New homes proposed for Denmark clinic
Denmark clinic

After years of debate and uncertainty, the historic Denmark clinic may have finally found a forever home in Forsyth County.

At a work session of the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners held Aug. 21, commissioners approved a measure to examine two locations on Mullinax Road for their viability as sites for the clinic to be placed.

Mullinax Road Map
According to County Attorney Ken Jarrard, one of the sites is a 0.5-acre parcel of land on the Denmark High School property that has been leased from the Forsyth County Board of Education. The other location, he said, is a large parcel of land at 650 Mullinax Road directly adjacent to Denmark High School, recently purchased by the county this month for the site of a future park.

"At this point whether or not the 0.5-acre parcel is ideal or not, which could be debated … we need to have a little better idea of what this looks like, what your expectation is,” Jarrard said at the work session.  “Because literally what the Board of Education has said to us at this point is, ‘It's all yours boys, knock yourself out.'"

During discussion, District 3 Commissioner Todd Levent told the board that Lennar Homes, who currently own the property that the clinic sits on, would like to see the house moved in the next few months and would be covering the cost of moving the clinic.

"If we end up closing on a piece of land across the street for the new park that's probably the ideal place to put it," Levent said.  

At the meeting, the commissioners also clarified that only the clinic would be moved, requiring a 75-by-75-foot area within whichever space is chosen.

Jarrard said that county staff will now survey the two sites and return to the Board of Commissioners with their recommendation for where the historic clinic should go.