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Paid leave is again extended
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Forsyth County News
The paid administrative leave for Forsyth County’s planning director has been extended again for an additional 20 working days, beginning today.

The findings of the investigation, which involve Jeff Chance’s county e-mail correspondence, are expected to be presented to the county commission within seven to 10 days, county spokeswoman Jodi Gardner said.

“It has not been determined at this time whether the report will be discussed in a public meeting,” she said.

County Manager Doug Derrer said previously that he cannot comment on the details of the investigation until it is complete, saying only that the county is “looking into some questionable management practices.”

Chance’s suspension began May 12.

During his absence, Tom Brown, assistant planning director, has taken over his duties.

Chance, 44, has worked for the county since June 26, 1995, and has an annual salary of $92,104.