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Some changes to alcohol law approved
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Forsyth County News
The Forsyth County commission has made some changes to the local alcohol ordinance.

Following a second public hearing Thursday night, commissioners voted 5-0 to require alcohol license applicants to do the following:

• Show proof of payment of county taxes, fees or assessments.

• Complete an alcohol training course. Applicants may also be required to take a test showing they understand the county’s rules.

The five-member panel also voted unanimously to approve the following:

• Increase the investigative fee for an alcohol license from $250 to $350.

• Require businesses whose alcohol license has been suspended to post a neon sign detailing the length and reason for the suspension.

• Allow establishments that sell alcohol for consumption to let customers take home bottles of wine that they paid for but did not finish. The bottles must be repackaged to comply with open container laws.

And after a 4-1 commission vote, day care centers must meet state requirements, such as 180 days of instruction and offering certain classes, to qualify for minimum setback distances from an establishment that sells alcohol on site.

Commissioner Jim Harrell voted against the measure.