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Longtime resident tapped for elections post
Glover named chief registrar
Glover Donald
Donald Glover - photo by Submitted
For nearly four decades, Donald Glover would wake up at 4 a.m. on an election day to begin his service as a Forsyth County poll worker.

His experience managing voting precincts during that time has earned Glover a front row seat in the election process.

Thursday, Forsyth County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Bagley appointed Glover chief voter registrar and chairman of the Forsyth County Board of Registrations and Elections.

“I am honored,” said Glover, who also served as a county commissioner from 1980-84. “I’ve been managing a precinct for around 30 years, so I know how the elections work and I know the equipment.”

Bagley said a grand jury put together a list of 10 names to be considered for the position. Familiarity with elections is among the reasons Bagley selected Glover from the list.

“He’s had a lot of experience running a voting precinct,” the judge said. “He’s familiar with the process of the voter registrar’s office.

“I’ve known Mr. Glover a long time and know him to be a person of integrity, and I believe he will do an admiral job as the chief voter registrar.”

Glover, a lifelong county resident, replaces Gary J. Smith, whose second term expired June 30.

After eight years leading the board, Smith said he would be available if Glover ever needed help -- a role reversal from when Smith first started.

“When I was first getting into elections, [Glover] helped me with advice and I always appreciated it,” Smith said. “He did a great job and always ran a great operation ... I think he’ll be a great asset to a great board.”

Glover’s first meeting with the board will be July 12.

It will also be Doug Sorrells’ first regular monthly meeting since he was sworn in last month as the Republican representative on the three-member board last month.

Democratic member Matt Blender has served on the board only since October.

Barbara Luth, elections supervisor, said the trio will “all be learning together.”

“I think it’s going to be a good fit,” she said. “I do have a book that I’ve been working on putting together to introduce them all to what their duties on the board will be,” she said.

Luth said Glover’s experience working on elections means “the only other side he’ll have to learn is the registration side.”

With the primary election coming up on July 20, Luth said she’s confident the board will be ready.

Citing his experience, Glover said  it likely will be "a pretty easy transition as far as I’m concerned.”