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New system launched in Forsyth County for emergency, weather alerts

FORSYTH COUNTY — Between flooding and ice storms, Forsyth County has had its share of foul weather in the past year, but the local government is hoping a new partnership can get updates out quickly.

The county has joined with Swift911 to encourage residents to sign up for free alerts that will be sent during emergencies or bad weather.

The alerts will include warnings for severe thunderstorms, flash flooding and tornados, as well as public safety and important water notifications.

Since it is a new program, residents who have previously signed up for county alerts will need to do so again.

Once registered, residents can select the type of alerts they would like to receive and whether they would prefer email, phone or text alerts.

They also can list up to five additional contacts, who will also receive the alerts, on their account.

Those interested can sign up at the or can text SWIFT911 to 99538 to download a free app.