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'Old girl' needs new home
Pet group rescues 19-year-old dog
Cute Bless his heart old dog
The Humane League of Lake Lanier is trying to find a home for 19-year-old Tasha, who was found during a recent storm. - photo by Contributed photo
For more information about Tasha and other pets available at the Humane League of Lake Lanier, contact (404) 358-4498, or go online at

Members of a local volunteer pet rescue organization are hoping someone will want to take in a pup who's 133 years old -- well, in dog years anyway.  

Bill Mulrooney with the Humane League of Lake Lanier said the 19-year-old canine named Tasha was found last weekend during a storm.

"It's pretty amazing," Mulrooney said. "We've never seen a dog as old as her."

The group responded last week to a classified ad in the Forsyth County News of a dog found "by a good Samaritan."

He said the organization called the number listed in the ad, which read, "Dog medium size yellow sheppard mix? Red collar, near Chestatee Elementary."

Mulrooney said volunteers picked up the dog from the person who had found her. Apparently, the dog's former owner saw the ad as well.

"We met with the former owner," Mulrooney said. "He told us he was in a situation where he couldn't keep the dog."

Because he could no longer care for her, the former owner signed paperwork giving the dog to the Humane League.

Mulrooney said the former owner shared with him Tasha's extensive history, which includes her birth in California in 1990.

"As a young pup, she almost died of parvo and was the family pet for four kids. She has been a mother ... and fended off three coyotes in her backyard."

Mulrooney said Tasha is still active at 19.

"She has as much energy as dogs half her age," he said.

The Humane League, which according to its Web site is "made up of volunteers and foster homes with a mission to help homeless pets," is looking for somebody to take care of her.

"We need someone who can give an old girl a peaceful retirement," Mulrooney said.