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Primary arrives
Long lines not likely at polls, official says
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Political coverage

Articles from the Forsyth County News’ recent series profiling the candidates in the contested races for local and state offices can be found on this Web site (under Local). Visitors can also view sample ballots for the July 31 primary. And be sure to visit tonight for election coverage and results.

While many Forsyth County voters will be voting today, more than 6,500 have already cast a ballot.

That’s why local Elections Supervisor Barbara Luth said today's election, when the polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., may be a breeze for voters.

“I don’t think we’ll have lines on Tuesday,” Luth said last week. “But I think early voting is part of the reason why.”

Luth has previously said she expects about 25 percent of the county’s 112,000 registered voters to take part in the primary.

The ballot features several contests for local and state legislative offices, as well as two congressional seats and a referendum on a regional sales tax for transportation.

A runoff election, if necessary, would be Aug. 21.

Despite the daily increase in the number of voters participating in advance voting week, Luth said poll workers managed to keep up with demand and there were little to no wait times all week.

“The people we have working are wonderful at getting people through the lines quickly,” she said.

Luth said the most important thing for voters is to remember to bring photo identification. If they do that, they “should be in and out within 15 minutes.”

“I really don’t anticipate a lot of lines, but we’ll handle them if we do,” she said. “We’re putting enough equipment and enough people out and the poll workers we have out there are very good and very experience and they handle it very well.”

If there are lines, Luth said poll workers are on standby “that can go in at a moment’s notice.”

Voting reminder

In a recent FCN guest editorial, Donald Glover, chief registrar for Forsyth County, reminded residents of some voting changes. Excerpts of that column appear below.

As a result of the 2010 U.S. Census, there has been significant redistricting affecting federal, state and county political districts.

All of the changes are determined by state and federal authorities, approved by the department of justice and forwarded to each county by the Secretary of State.

These redistricting changes take effect in January 2013. The 2012 elections will determine who will be representing us beginning January 2013, therefore it was important to make sure all voters were listed in their correct districts prior to the July 31 primary.

To effectively accomplish that, the Forsyth County Elections Department updated all voter records and the Secretary of State mailed new voter registration precinct cards this spring to all registered voters.

The postcard-size cards gave all the district information and correct precinct name and voting location.

These cards are not required for voting or to use as voter ID, but for personal eligibility information.

No changes have been made to precinct locations resulting from redistricting, but there were changes made in 2011.

So voters should check their new cards to see if their precincts have changed.