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Sen. Michael Williams leaves RNC with positive feeling
State Sen. Michael Williams, who represents District 27, speaks at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, this week.

The Republican National Convention wrapped up in Cleveland, Ohio, on Thursday with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump closing out the ceremonies.

“It went fantastic,” said state Sen. Michael Williams, a Georgia delegate and early Trump supporter, on Friday. “It was extremely energetic.

People left last night just absolutely in love with Donald Trump and ready to go out there and work hard for him.”

Ahead of the convention, Republican leaders urged voters to unite behind the nominee after a contentious primary race.

Williams, who represents District 27 in Forsyth, said the majority of the party is behind Trump.

“We still have a very, very small contingent that is not on board with Donald Trump,” he said. “But for the vast, vast majority, 95 percent of us, we left there completely energized and ready to go out there.”

The convention was held from Monday through Thursday at the Quicken Loans Arena, home of the Cleveland Cavaliers professional basketball team.

Williams said the days were filled with meetings and speakers around the city, including at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, ahead of each night’s convention meeting. Among his favorite speakers were political commentator Laura Ingraham and Rev. Mark Burns.

“I really enjoyed Pastor Mark Burns’ comments. Whenever he made the comment that, ‘All lives matter,’ the arena just erupted,” Williams said.

“He drove home the point that every single life does matter, but then he went back and he made sure that we acknowledged that the African-Americans are struggling right now, and we need to do everything we can to embrace them and help them out.”

He said he was, of course, a fan of Trump’s speech.

“He just brought it home,” Williams said. “I tweeted out earlier that night before he spoke, just kind of excited about it and hopefully everyone would see how presidential he is, how intelligent, just the man he is and what he’s going to do for our country, and I think he delivered on that.”

Williams said he was surprised to hear the Republican nominee talk about the need to protect members of the LGBT community, and that it was a time to unite the country, work together and end divisiveness.

He said now that the party has its candidate, it is time for Republicans to get to work toward winning November’s election.

“We’ve got to get out there and share the message that Donald Trump has been saying, we’ve got to bring our country together,” he said.

“The impression I left with was we went there to bring our party together, now it’s time to bring our country together.”