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Cagle focused on state economics
Casey Cagle

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle is running to be the state’s next governor and hoping to do so with a strong economy.

Cagle, a Gainesville native who previously represented north Forsyth as the District 49 state senator from 1995 to 2007, said growing the state’s economy is the biggest goal of his campaign.

“It really is about creating more economic prosperity for all, leaving no one behind, along with every jurisdiction in our state,” Cagle said in an interview with the Forsyth County News. “I believe that we can create 500,000 jobs within the first four years of my administration, along with a $100 million tax cut in the first 100 days.”

He said his plans to grow the state’s economy include streamlining bureaucracy and building a workforce for future jobs.

“This is our great challenge of today,” Cagle said. “We’re going to grow by 4.5 million people in less than 15 years. We’ve got to plan for that growth, we’ve got to shape that growth, and I’m a guy who knows how to do that.”

Cagle, who has served as lieutenant governor since 2007, said “virtually every sector is growing” in the state economy, particularly high-tech jobs and said his experience in office would help continue that trend.

“I’ve been there, I’ve navigated through tough public policy issues and I’ve negotiated through economic development deals, so I know what it takes to get the job done and I’m committed to making that happen,” Cagle said.

“Everybody can look at my record and see what we’ve been able to accomplish and also look to a broader vision of what we want to do for the future.”

Forsyth County, Cagle said, should be considered for those jobs.

“Forsyth County should be in that conversation for bringing those jobs from Microsoft and other big companies here in this community,” he said.  “I want to be a partner in making that happen.”

Another focus for Cagle’s campaign is stopping illegal immigration while maintaining a labor force in the state.

“We’ve passed the toughest illegal immigration bill in the country,” Cagle said. “I’ve not only outlawed sanctuary cities, but I’ve defunded them as well. In light of that, we also have to recognize that we’ve got to build that labor and we’ve got to be focused on getting the workers that we need to do jobs.”

Cagle lives in Hall County with his wife, Nita, with whom he has three sons.

He is one of several running for the Republicans nomination for the governor’s seat.

Candidates Secretary of State Brian Kemp, District 6 state Sen. Hunter Hill, District 27 state Sen. Michael Williams, who represents the majority of Forsyth County, tech executive and former Navy SEAL Clay Tippens and Marc Alan Urbach, who ran a presidential campaign in 2016, have also declared they’ll run.