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Woodall to seek re-election for District 7 seat
Rob Woodall
Rob Woodall

The congressman for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District is planning to seek re-election for the seat he has held since 2011.

Rob Woodall recently qualified for re-election. He will face challengers on both the Democratic and Republican sides.

“I’m excited about this year’s election,” Woodall said. “Nobody talks about what it means to be a Republican, to be a Democrat until we get around to election time. It’s just talk until you get to an election, so to have a year like the one we’ve had where we’ve gotten so much accomplished and to be able to go into an election where American nationally is divided on politics but has a bit of a united front on policy, is a unique opportunity.”

Woodall is a member of the House of Representatives’ rules, budget and transportation and infrastructure committees. He said getting the new tax bill passed is among his accomplishments.

“You have to be pleased with getting tax reform done for the first time since Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil did it together in 1986,” he said. “Is there more to be done? Of course there is, but I travel to businesses all across the family, and you can feel it. I sit with families all across the district and you could feel it, this collective sigh of relief that the government’s not going to fight me any longer, it’s going to partner with me in order to make tomorrow better than yesterday was.”

He said the House has been productive since the election of President Donald Trump. Woodall said he met President Barack Obama twice in the six years they served at the same time and had already significantly surpassed that figure with the Trump administration.

“I’ve been with President Trump or Vice President [Mike] Pence dozens of times in just this first year working on public policy,” Woodall said. “We’re in a place where we can really move the needle, so there is no limit to what I’m excited about getting done.”

If re-elected, Woodall said he plans to continue working on regulatory reform, changes to the tax code, updates to international trade and building trust with other members of Congress to pass legislation. 

Woodall drew a number of challengers to the race. He will face off against fellow Republican Shane Hazel on May 22. The winner of that race will face the winner of the Democratic primary on Nov. 6. 

Democrats who registered for the race are Kathleen Allen, Carolyn Bourdeaux, David Kim, Ethan Pham, Melissa Davis and Steve Reilly.

Woodall said the entire country is debating which way the country would go in the future and had an interesting answer when asked about the number of challengers. 

“I’m thrilled,” Woodall said. “Truth be told, elections, some people think bring out the worst in politics and in people. I tend to think elections bring out the best. I’m anxious to see how our community responds to those choices on the Democratic side of the aisle.”

He added: “Those liberals in our community, are they going to support those in the Bernie Sanders model — wildly out to the left — are they going to support a more conservative Democrat? I don’t know.”