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‘Bringing the pretzels to the people’: Auntie Anne’s Pretzels food truck coming to area
Auntie Anne's

The local area will soon have its own Auntie Anne’s Pretzels food truck, which will be available for events and parties in Dawson, Forsyth, Lumpkin and other surrounding counties. 

Dan Trickel, owner of 12 Auntie Anne’s locations in the Atlanta area including the one at the North Georgia Premium Outlets in Dawson County, said that he decided to open the truck in response to the low numbers of customers he was seeing at storefront locations. 

“Given COVID-19 and the changing shopping experiences, we decided that we were going to bring the pretzels to the people,” Trickel said. “So we’re going to serve our regular Auntie Anne’s menu and the truck’s home base will be in Dawson.” 

According to Trickel, the truck will be targeting large community events like Dawsonville’s Mountain Moonshine Festival and Food Truck Friday events, and will be available for hire for members of the community. He said that he also plans to support local schools at football games and sporting events.

“I’m looking forward to doing some things with Dawsonville,” Trickel said. “I’m reaching out to the Chamber of Commerce and the city about the downtown area and hoping to partner with them some too.” 

Trickel said that he recently posted on social media about the truck, and that the response in local community social media groups was overwhelmingly positive. 

“The reception actually shocked me; I decided I’d put up just a little blurb about how we’re in the process of licensing it and within 24 hours we had about 1,400 likes and 200 to 300 comments,” Trickel said. “Saying things like ‘Oh my gosh this is my favorite product’, ‘I gotta have a cinnamon nugget’ and ‘can you just park it in my driveway?’”

“All the responses were positive and the amount of responses really did surprise us.” 

Because of the community response, Trickel said he is in the process of hiring enough staff to keep the truck running fulltime instead of parttime as originally planned. 

He added that the community response is encouraging for business owners like him, who have been more detached from customers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“It was kind of refreshing to see, because with retail and enclosed malls … it’s been a roller coaster ride since April,” he said. “So it’s just nice to see that people are still out there and still responding to our product because we just don’t get that kind of volume of reactions in person these days.” 

Trickel said that the goal is for the food truck to be up and running by Dec. 1, as soon as the health department approves it as an official “restaurant on wheels.”

“We’re happy to support the Dawsonville community,” Trickel said. “I’ve seen a couple food trucks running around and I’ve heard requests prior to us purchasing it that we really need more food trucks in the area, so that’s why we really wanted to do it.” 

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