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Here's when the RaceTrac at Hammonds Crossing will open

Forsyth County motorists will have two new gas stations to use before the end of the year, one at both ends of the county.

Atlanta-based RaceTrac is opening locations at 1385 McFarland Parkway and 4295 Browns Bridge Road.

The RaceTrac at 1385 McFarland Parkway opened Friday, Dec. 13, while the location at 4295 Browns Bridge Road, at Hammonds Crossing, is scheduled to open on Tuesday, Dec. 31, according to Megan Shannon, a spokesperson with the company.

Both projects began in April and will be the company’s new prototype store with 16 fuel pumps.

The 5,500-square-foot stores will feature an array of food and beverage options, including a Swirl World frozen dessert station along with a coffee area and free Wi-Fi, Shannon said.

After the location at 1385 McFarland Parkway opens, a nearby RaceTrac at 915 McFarland Parkway will close and be demolished.

The RaceTracs were approved by the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners in February and May of 2018.

The RaceTrac at Hammonds Crossing initially ran into some resistance. One local business owner worried about increased traffic and that the corporate gas station would diminish the “small-town feel” of the area.

But another area business owner welcomed the RaceTrac. It would improve the aesthetic and safety of the intersection, he said.

McFarland Parkway location

Hammonds Crossing location