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Vickery Creek students raise awareness around childhood illnesses for inaugural event
School gives $2,000 in gift cards for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta families
Childhood Illness Awareness
The Vickery Creek Middle School art club welcomes community members into the school gymnasium where students prepare to give presentations on childhood illnesses. Photo courtesy of Vickery Creek Middle School.

Vickery Creek Middle School partnered with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for its inaugural Childhood Illness Awareness Festival, held in the school’s gymnasium on Saturday, Dec. 18.

Assistant Principal Elizabeth Ihle said she couldn’t believe the amazing turnout at the first of what will become an annual festival, with students and community members crowding into the gym to view student presentations on common illnesses that impact local families.

Students worked closely with representatives from Children’s to research these illnesses and created three-minute presentations to share with the community. After guests were welcomed in, groups of students gave each of their presentations.

They featured illnesses such as depression, cancer, congenital heart disease, encephalitis, muscular dystrophy and many more.

Ihle said the students not only helped to educate, honor and recognize these illnesses, they also collected more than $2,000 in gift cards for impacted families.

After the presentations, students gave the gift cards to a representative from Children’s who plans to distribute them to families.

“Our students showed what students can do when they collaborate to solve problems and bring positivity to their community,” Ihle said.

Toward the end of the event, Christian Evans, seventh-grade science teacher and basketball coach, spoke to students and the community about living with the sickle cell trait.

Then, sixth-grade student Kellan McLain spoke on his experience being diagnosed with leukemia at a young age. He had his last chemo treatment four years ago before finding out he was now cancer-free.

The event was sponsored by several student-led clubs, including clubhouse, junior beta, art club, FBLA and the student council.

Gift Cards