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Adlen Robinson: October means the beginning of all sorts of fun
Adlen Robinson

It certainly doesn’t feel like October when the temperatures are in the 90s, but October is officially here. 

There are so many funny memes on social media about how fall in the south is basically summer with pumpkins. That feels about right this week. We all know fall will be here eventually — I just hope it sticks around and doesn’t decide to move directly to winter, which I don’t like.

 What are your favorite things to do in the fall? Do you love festivals? 

It is always fun to head up to the north Georgia mountains and attend those. It’s usually cooler up there — and at this juncture, most of us would be happy if the temperature was in the 80s.

 When our children were young, we always loved taking them to various pumpkin patches. Hay rides, hot cider or hot chocolate, and hand pies were always fun to enjoy. I used to pack a picnic lunch and throw a few blankets in the car so we could prolong the day as much as possible.

 No fall is complete without a visit (or two) to the Cumming Country Fair & Festival. Our children always looked forward to the fair and we saw it grow and grow over the years until it is what it is today. 

The fair opens tomorrow (and runs through Oct. 13), so make sure you plan on attending. Even if you think you don’t like fairs, you need to check our local one out. You will not regret it.

An outdoor fire in a fire pit is always fun — and it wouldn’t be an outdoor fire unless you made s'mores. You are never too old to make s'mores.

For so many people, fall signifies all things football. My three older brothers all went to Auburn University (don’t be a hater), so they all pretty much live for this time of year. Most of their children also went to Auburn, so it is definitely a family thing. They go to almost all of the games and their tailgating is done on a grand scale. 

Maybe because I didn’t go to a college that had a football team (I attended a women’s college), I am a more passive college football fan. But I love watching the Atlanta Falcons — especially from the comfort of my couch. I have been to a game, but for a variety of reasons I am just happier watching the game at home. Some games are more painful than others, this past one being in that category.

We have never been fall gardeners, but this year we’re trying our hand at growing a few fall/winter loving vegetables. I’ll keep you posted on our success or failure. Our summer garden was not nearly as prolific as we had hoped. I don’t think we watered as much or as frequently as we should have.

Regardless, we did get some amazing cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. And, of course, the herbs always do great. I always miss fresh tomatoes in the winter and early spring.

Another thing I love about the cooler weather is my cooking changes a bit. I tend to make more soups and all things comfort-food as the days get shorter. One of the best things to do when it’s cool outside is to build a fire indoors and eat dinner in front of the roaring fire. Nothing screams fall more than a steaming hot bowl of soup and a chunk of crusty bread for sopping.

I also love fall because of the holidays. Oh, how I love the holidays. Yes, when you have young children (I can only imagine grandchildren), it’s especially fun. 

Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays, and then having it all culminate with Christmas festivities is what this time of year really makes me look forward to. Stay tuned for lots of information, tips, and recipes about one of my favorite times of year. 

Happy fall y’all! 

South Forsyth resident Adlen Robinson is author of “Home Matters: The Guide to Organizing Your Life and Home.” E-mail her at