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Bible comes to life
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Have you been watching “The Bible” on Sunday nights on the History Channel? If not, you really need to tune in.

The man behind the series is Mark Burnett, often referred to as “the creator of reality TV” because he launched “Survivor” so many years ago.

Burnett and his wife (and co-producer) Roma Downey said when they tried to get their children to watch “The Ten Commandments” with Charlton Heston, they complained it was too boring.

My generation grew up loving those old movies, but with all of the special effects available today (even on your cell phone), it’s easy to understand why those movies seem, well, antiquated to this generation.

The producers did their homework, consulting numerous experts and theologians to make sure they depicted and told the stories as accurately as possible. Mega-church powerhouse pastors Joel Osteen and Rick Warren are just two of the many people on the list of those consulted. And, of course, the special effects are fantastic.

Paul and I watched the first two shows, and trust me when I say there is something for everybody. Little boys and men will appreciate the action; these are not boring scenes.

Little girls and women will love the drama, the excellent acting and the sets and costumes. The five-part, 10-hour miniseries will have five episodes from the Old Testament and five from the New Testament.

I have noticed they are running them again, so you can easily see the re-runs and catch up.

I was cleaning out a closet recently and I came across a book of Bible stories from my childhood.

I loved that storybook. I remember my mother reading it to me, and I remember reading it myself. The art in the book was fantastic.

One story that really brought back memories was one about King Solomon from the Old Testament (1 Kings 3:16-28). It was the one when two women were fighting over a baby and had come to see King Solomon to solve their problem.

I wonder if this is where they came up with the idea for Judge Judy?

One woman said the other woman’s baby had died and so she had stolen her baby. The other woman denied this.

King Solomon had the perfect solution. He said they would cut the baby in half and give each woman half a baby. When one woman said no, give the baby to the other woman, King Solomon announced she was the real mother.

Such a dramatic story for my little girl brain to understand.

The picture in the book summed up the whole story, and I used to just stare at that picture wondering what life was like back in the times of kings and life in biblical times. This story is where the phrase “splitting the baby” comes from, which refers to a compromise, often in the legal profession.

I was also reminded of this story when there was just one of a food item and I had to share it with my brother, Billy. Our mother would say, “One of you can cut it in half, and the other one can have first pick.”

I have never been more determined to cut a cookie or piece of cake exactly in half more in my life.

I read this same book of Bible stories to our four children and practiced the same technique for cutting things in half that needed to be shared.

Bible stories are rich with lessons of all types for our children as well as for adults. I am happy there’s a series we can all enjoy and learn from.

Maybe there is hope for Hollywood after all … but I won’t hold my breath.


Adlen Robinson is author of “Home Matters: The Guide to Organizing Your Life and Home.” E-mail her at