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Ashway: 2016 Ode to College Football
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Forsyth County News

At last the summer fades away;
We have important games to play!
Beat the drum, strike up the band:
College football’s now at hand!

At last, the Dawgs have gotten Smart.
Let’s see if they display more heart.
Especially when foes are tough;
In recent times, those games were rough.

Running back? Ahh, there’s the rub.
Will they have a healthy Chubb?
The secondary’s built to last;
Against the pass, they should hold fast.

Tech coach Paul Johnson finds a way
To coach his best when all say “nay.”
The Jackets have a chance to shine;
They surely won’t go three-and-nine.

With Justin Thomas at the helm,
The Tech offense could overwhelm.
And keep the defense off the field;
Too often they’re too quick to yield.

For Vols, rebuilding now is done,
And Butch Jones’ crew should have some fun.
“We’ve won six straight!” the faithful say.
But we must ask them, “Who’d you play?”

Jim McElwain’s initial year
Gave Gator fans a lot to cheer.
One question, though, last year did beg:
How did they lay that Citrus egg?

The Head Ball Coach has gone away.
How long might coach Will Muschamp stay?
His hiring was a huge surprise.
Like last year’s crash, we would surmise.

Kentucky fans might sell their soul
If Stoops could lead them to a bowl.
Does Vandy have a ray of hope?
In honesty, we must say, “nope.”

Again, their quarterback is new.
Veteran running backs are few.
But ‘Bama starts out number one;
We think coach Nick will have some fun.

Of Les Miles this much we must say:
How could they not want him to stay?
What does he do but win, win, win?
To fire him would be a sin.

Between the lines, it’s all a breeze;
But troubles loom for coach Hugh Freeze.
Ole Miss’s toughest foe, some say,
Will be the NC-double-A.

We wonder ‘bout an Auburn team
Whose defense makes coach Malzahn scream.
And Aggies always start out fast.
But come November, they seem gassed.

Yes, Clemson might pass every test.
Deshaun Watson? He’s the best.
And here’s a stat that’s really neat:
Their third-down defense can’t be beat.

A pollster’s fav is FSU,
But can a quarterback come through?
No titles will this ballclub claim
Till they show up for a bowl game.

The Tar Heels really rolled last year.
Their offense sure was one to fear.
The defense, though, can’t make such claims:
Ninety-four points their last two games!

Miami has a new head man:
Rejuvenated, fit and tan.
A lot of games Richt’s ‘Canes will win;
Will big-game losses quell the din?

Michigan’s now a rising team;
With coach Harbaugh, they’re full of steam.
An O-line that would make Bo proud
Could keep the Big House mighty loud.

How can the Buckeyes sing the blues?
Coach Urban Meyer doesn’t lose.
A mere four losses in four years.
This team is young, but should raise cheers.

The Spartans bring a good team back;
Coach Dantonio’s sure no hack.
He goes for a third Big Ten crown
As Wolves and Bucks both come to town.

Always a threat is Notre Dame;
Could be favored in every game.
But with the season on the brink
Six lads got tossed into the clink.

Bob Stoops’ Sooners? They’ll come to play
Despite their Orange Bowl dismay.
To see this game we just can’t wait:
Week three they host Ohio State.

Beware the Horned Frogs, TCU;
Their defense makes Big 12 foes blue.
Last year they got a solid dose
Of how it feels to be soooo close.

Baylor Bears have blown their chance;
Players bypassed sweet romance.
Resulting from the scandal’s probe:
Coaching now, safe choice Jim Grobe.

Houston could have a ball this fall;
The Cougs can score on one and all.
All questions should be laid to rest:
The Sooners are one tough first test.

Stanford, with that McCaffrey kid,
Seeks to secure a playoff bid.
They finished number three last year,
And could improve on that, we hear.

Yes, Washington is on the rise;
The Huskies really could surprise.
A conference title they could wrest;
The “D” could be the Pac-12’s best.

Now that you’ve read our little ode
You should now be in football mode.
When all the games are played and done
May your fav school be number one!