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Electric vehicle owner finds new tax unfair
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Forsyth County News

I recently bought an all-electric vehicle. The new annual state electric vehicle tax is unfair to most EV owners.

I drive an average of 28 miles daily. Say that the car I traded in to buy my EV got 25 miles per gallon (it was actually 34). 

If I still drove a 25 mpg car, I would pay $106 a year at 26 cents per gallon in state fuel taxes. I now have to pay $200 annually no matter how much I drive.

The only way for this to be a fair EV tax in my example, making up for the fact that I no longer buy gas, would be if my old vehicle got 13 mpg or my annual miles driven increased to more than 19,000. 

Why are EV drivers being punished for driving environmentally friendly cars?

Atlanta is in the top 20 for U.S. cities with the worst air pollution according to consultants at Environmental Health & Engineering. Wouldn’t it make sense to reward EV drivers for reducing air pollution instead of punishing them?


David Dobs