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Forsyth residents should push for return to countywide voting
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Forsyth County News

Finally, we have discovered that the fox is really in the hen house.

It seems, according to the title of the article, “Board nixes requests to lawmakers” [Feb. 28 edition of the Forsyth County News], three of the five county commission members think the countywide voting model is not for them and asked our state senator not to consider adding a straw poll question on the May ballot as a referendum on countywide voting.

Let’s see, [Commissioners Brian] Tam, [Cindy Jones] Mills and [Pete] Amos voted against a vote to add the countywide voting request to the May ballot. [Todd] Levent and [Jim] Boff voted in favor of allowing countywide voting to be reconsidered.

Currently, we vote for commissioners based on the district you are in. So if you live in District 3, you can only vote for [that seat].

Before 2010, we used to vote for commissioners at large, which meant you could vote for any commissioner regardless of where you lived in the county.

It is in the best interests of commissioners that the status quo not be changed.

The district voting model favors the commissioners because they only have to concern themselves with voters in their districts. That dilutes the vote that could affect any single commissioner by approximately 80 percent of the county voters.

There are five districts in our county, but only one district may vote for one commissioner, i.e. the one representing their district. Talk about stacking the deck.

Wake up Forsyth County. Call commissioners Tam, Mills and Amos and tell them you want to have your say about voting for commissioners across the entire county again.


Anthony Gulla