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Letter: Is our republic in danger?

We are witnessing and enduring a country changing drama during the current pandemic. In an unprecedented reaction to a worldwide medical condition our federal, state and some city governments have taken on and used powers to repress our rights as citizens and spend money as they desired on things we are told were needed. 

It all happened so quickly. Many businesses were one day doing quite well and the next closed by government order. People were one day living their lives and the next required to stay at home except for very limited trips outside. One day people were visiting their places of worship freely and the next the locations were required to remain closed.

Now that our federal government has found out how easy it is to print/spend money and control the citizenry during a crisis what is the next national emergency that will be declared?

The First Amendment grants five specific freedoms. The rights of assembly and religion have clearly been violated. Our Constitution has been under attack for years. When is it no longer relevant? 

The land of the free and the home of the brave may never be the same. The left may like that. We on the right should be worried that our days ahead are fraught with danger for our republic.

Ralph Johnston Sr.