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Letter to the editor
County should buy golf course
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Forsyth County News
The criteria for choosing future green space should focus on improving the quality of life of all Forsyth residents. 1,200 citizens, a cross section of community stockholders, met in a series of town-hall style meetings and developed “Envision 2030.”

It became a citizen’s vision for our future. Over 3,000 ideas and images were discussed. Basic ideas were developed: our community should provide an environment that includes life-long learning opportunities, provide outstanding recreational facilities, protect and enhance the natural environment and promote visual and performing arts.

Using these goals, as guidelines two additional “green spaces” should be seriously considered for purchase without delay.

1. There is no doubt the availability of the Chattahoochee River front property would meet several of the requests by the citizens: a river walk, a park-like setting, river recreation of fishing and canoeing, hiking, and a wildlife refuge. This purchase is an outstanding opportunity for the county as an Outdoor Adventure Center.

2. Lanier Golf Course: What could be considered more green space than a golf course, with its trees, fairways and greens and no bare land and little pavement. This property, like the new aquatic center, would bring to the community a recreational activity for many to use and enjoy: public golf on a state recognized outstanding course, already developed.

The high schools could use it for their home and practice course facility. The county could initiate junior golf classes as well as leagues for seniors, women and men. It would be a tourism asset, which would provide a positive impression of Cumming and Forsyth County. It could pay for itself, and would likely generate a profit.

The clubhouse could become a lifestyle center. Community meetings, banquets, and fundraisers could be held there, with educational classes available for learning languages, culinary, visual and performing arts. It could be the home of a permanent art cultural center.

The Lanier Golf club, with 13 streams, four lakes and evening walking or hiking trails on 172 acres, with its wildlife sanctuary, seems like a perfect choice for the county to purchase with parks and recreation bond funds.

Lynn Leach