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Letter to the Editor
Republican lesson not worth learning
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Forsyth County News

I share Mike Beckman’s dismay about the low turnout in the July 15 primary election (Letters, 7/20). It’s truly a shame when citizens in a democracy choose to give up their most basic right.

However, he closes his letter with the irrelevant comment, “the next thing you know we will (elect) a president with hardly any political experience and only a single word campaign...”  

Mr. Beckman seems to have forgotten that we already did that eight years ago. The only difference was that George W. Bush’s campaign had two words: “compassionate conservatism,” which has given new meaning to the word oxymoron.

With all due respects to my conservative friends in this community and around the nation, putting idiots in the White House is not a lesson we need from the Republicans.

Kevin Singh