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Letter to the editor
Bill Shipp out of touch with reality on gun issue
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Forsyth County News
Regarding Bill Shipp’s 04/29/09 column “Murders in Athens were long time coming”: Do you really need to dedicate a third of a page to this guy?

All he does is insult UGA, Athens, college kids, law-abiding gun owners, 2nd Amendment supporters and anyone else that doesn’t share his Utopian view of how we should live our lives.

Shipp has lost touch with reality if he really thinks “zero-tolerance gun-free zones” will deter a looney professor or anyone else intent on mayhem.

Gun bans, just like prohibition, will just pave the way for another black market enterprise.

Obviously, he doesn’t understand the “human condition,” hasn’t studied history (or comprehended), or both. That might explain why post-election, record gun sales confuse him in that he doesn’t “exactly know how the sales boom and the election relate.”

Had the UGA professor’s victims been “packing,” they might be around to explain it all to him.

Brent Lee