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Letter to the Editor
Ledbetter wastes county tax dollars
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Forsyth County News
After reading the story on [Tax Commissioner Matthew] Ledbetter (July 19) and his spending practice, my impression was that he is all of a sudden concerned about all of the prohibited spending by him and some of his workers.

What really concerns me is that our county has policies that have been ignored and this has been going on for years — what is this audit and finance group doing — maybe he took them to lunch. Why is he taking state auditors to lunch?

Somebody needs to tell him that he is beholden to us taxpayers, not some salesman.

Why does he need a county car — does he collect taxes or only need it to go to lunch? Why doesn’t he turn his car in— that way he doesn’t have to buy gas or have it washed. If appears to me that he can carpool with some of his workers since they all eat at the same places.

What was he doing at the marina — collecting taxes or eating lunch with a salesman or is this where he lost his cell phone?

I don’t think anyone minds county workers getting a meal at Thanksgiving and Christmas — but really six or seven hams?

There was another article that said our property and school taxes are all going up. I agree with Mayor [Ford] Gravitt’s remarks, maybe he had better take over the county.

Now there is going to be another group to audit and pay — seems two sets of reviewers aren’t enough to find unallowed spending. Why isn’t that money being returned to the taxpayers? I think some workers need to be held liable for their actions. Since Mr. Ledbetter’s election has now passed he thinks this will be forgotten before the next election.

Maybe our elected officials should start hearing accountability, recall and tax revolt.

Martha Barron