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Letter to the editor
Pet owners impose unfairly on others
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Forsyth County News
An awful lot is being said about dogs and their owners, most of whom are negligent in poop-cleaning and allow their animals ( yes, that’s what they are, not humans),  to sniff at, bark at and run up to people who want no part of that type of interaction from animals.

What about people like me who do not want to be sniffed at, barked at, ran up to or bitten again?

Provision is made for homeowners who own dogs and want to put up fences. Well listen to this:  my neighbor’s dogs — a mother and six puppies — created so many problems for my family that we had to pay over $3,000 to have a fence installed to keep out their animals. Who is going to help us pay for that? That cost was not included in our budget, since we do not own dogs.

The mother dog ran up to my 3-year-old granddaughter snarling, with teeth bared, and created some havoc for me that day, not to mention the many times I had to clean up dog poop from my lawn.

We called animal services many times and eventually my daughter had to take time off from work to attend a court hearing. He was fined $200 but we were the ones to spend thousands. He wouldn’t install a fence to keep his animals in.  How fair is that?  Now I am dealing with rabbits running around my yard. How about that. I live in a sub-division with ordinances that prohibit these nuisances. Who is looking out for me?  Dogs should be kept away from the general public, whether they are chained, locked up for a few hours, or left in a kennel is not the issue here. Just keep them away from people who have no interest or are afraid or allergic, period.

My tax payments should not be spent that way. It is wrong, wrong, wrong and these leaders waste their time meeting about these topics. Is something very wrong with this tainted picture?

Nona P. Bobb