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Letter to the editor
Gardening parents should know better
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Forsyth County News
The headline of your May 14 article caught my attention. I anticipated the gist of the article would deal with neighborhood restrictive covenants and that homeowners were being asked to destroy “gardens” they had planted in their backyards, property they owned.

I was definitely surprised that the article dealt with homeowners planting and tending gardens on property they did not own, property they were trespassing upon by their very own admission when they stated they “opted” not to ask permission.

I would wager a guess had the developer Hedgewood Properties still been the owner of the property they would not have given permission for the garden as it would have been in violation of neighborhood covenants, which these homeowners became a party to when they purchased homes in the neighborhood.

What struck me the most was the comment, “Davis said parents have used the garden to teach their children and grandchildren about the benefits of gardening.”  Your article did not address how the parents explained to the children that it was OK to use property that did not belong to them and to alter that property.  For adults to willingly break the law, involve their children and grandchildren and to [say they were]  “… hoping we would ask for forgiveness” was just wrong.

I am disappointed that you jumped on their bandwagon instead of presenting an unbiased article. I appreciate your time.

Patsy Gardin