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Letter to the editor
School decision good for families
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Forsyth County News
The lead story in [FCN 5/15], “Schools have no choice,” clearly shows a bias in favor of government over the people. The article was clear in its position that Georgia’s school systems “lost” some sort of battle with the state and with parents. It seems to me, the article should have been titled “Parents win right to choose!” and should have been approached accordingly.

This is a victory not a defeat. To any parent who’s ever had to deal with a struggling child in a struggling school situation, this law offers another real, potential solution. Sure, it has its “challenges,” and will need to be tweaked over the years, but since when is giving parents more options a bad thing?

The comments made by school board members leads to me believe they have a different priority. The budget. Yes, they are in a difficult position of balancing services with dollars, but this law has such positive potential that any extra work required to make it happen should be welcomed with open arms. After all, its our kids that are “paramount”, not the budget.

When I’m given a task to complete at my job, I’m expected to find a way to make it happen. Usually, I take it one step further and find a way to make it really successful. I would like to challenge the board and this newspaper to do likewise. Instead of complaining how “detrimental” it might be that “schools have no choice,” let’s pull up our bootstraps and find a way to make it work, really work. How about finding a way to reward those teachers and schools who attract the most students?

I’m sure every board member ran for office because they thought they could make a difference. Now’s your chance.

Lee Huntley

Ball Ground