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Letter to the Editor
Proud to have voted against David Richard
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Forsyth County News

To soon-to-be ex-commissioner David Richard:

I take much pleasure in the fact that you are soon to be ex-commissioner. It was not surprising that you lashed out so nastily at your opponent after losing on Tuesday.

You apparently never read the Forsyth County News editorial regarding you general attitude to anyone that disagreed on your viewpoint. I am not basing my opinion just on this article, but also in what I have witnessed of your action during your tenure.

Just so you know, I don’t know Mr. Bell, I never made a serious attempt to find out what his thoughts and issues are but I am convinced they cannot be as narrow minded and egotistical as you have demonstrated.

By the way, just to make sure I am clear on one point — I will support Mr. Bell and wish him the best — but my vote last Tuesday was against you, not for him. If he had not run, I would have written in Mickey Mouse.

This county did not need to suffer through more years of your arrogance.

Rodney Lyle