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Letter to the editor
State has laws to protect animals
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Forsyth County News
Why are the Forsyth County Commissioners wasting so much time on an ordinance regarding the tethering of dogs, when Georgia already has a very detailed law in Book #14 the Dept. of Agriculture #40-13-13. This law is very detailed on what constitutes cruelty to animals and deals directly with tethering.

Maybe the commissioners [should] spend the time on funding the animal control section, so they could enforce the existing laws instead of trying to create new laws that still won’t be enforceable, except on a complaint basis only. Nobody wants to see any animal abused. Animal control should be responsible not only to respond to complaints but to seek out obvious levels of animal cruelty.

Do we not need the county commissioners to focus on where the county is going to keep animals now that Dr. Orr is considering not renewing his contract with the county?

By the way, have any of you read the article “The Last Dog — A Fantasy?” (Dog World, April 1993). Maybe our commissioners and other supporters of additional laws should. It could be a reality if PETA has its way.

Each new law leads to another, then another, then another until we have no freedoms.

Start enforcing the current laws rather than creating new ones. Thomas Jefferson offered us some very wise words. “A government large enough to give you everything you want is large enough to take everything you have.”

Lorraine Harrison