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Letter to the editor
Display flag with honor and respect
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Forsyth County News
As a member of a patriotic family that flies our Stars and Stripes daily, 24/7, I take heart in the many flags that are being raised around our community. I also see that a couple of etiquette questions need to be answered.

Should I fly a tattered flag? No. Strike it privately and bury it, burn it or otherwise dispose of it in private and with dignity.

May I fly my flag at night? Certainly, but it must be illuminated from dusk to dawn. If you are unable to illuminate your flag, strike it with honor at dusk and raise it after dawn the next morning.

May I fly other flags from the same staff? Yes, but the flag of the United States must be at the top of the standard. No flag may be displayed above our colors.

May I fly a flag honoring a fallen hero that was produced prior to our current flag? Yes. For example, if you want to honor a WWII soldier with a flag of 48 stars, that is acceptable.

In summary, our flag should be treated with honor and dignity. If it’s soiled or torn, replace it. Let’s make a habit of flying our flag proudly and often.

And may God bless those who are in harm’s way so we can enjoy July 4th, our first patriotic holiday.  

Raymond Vorbeck