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Letter to the Editor
Taxpayers well is running dry
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Forsyth County News
Does anyone have common sense anymore?

Presently we have given the OK for $100 million for green space. Now our leaders want us to approve $91 million for a new jail and sheriff’s office.

Don’t they think that the well runs dry eventually.

During this recession, people are losing their jobs and homes. Gas is at $4 per gallon and nobody knows when this will be over, if ever. Seems as though common sense has passed us by once again. The school system as well as county has increased our tax base for more money.

You would think that the leaders of our school system and county would think about this and back off wanting these millions of dollars for unrealistic wants.

After you have built all these parks and recreation centers, etc,, along with the jail and sheriff’s office, all of these will have to be maintained and this will be more money.

All of this is purchased with bond money for a period of 25 to 30 years.

Wow, isn’t that great to tag our families, our children and their children with all this debt for all of these years.
Leaders, please use your common sense and tell us what this will finally cost us in the long run.

Sid Barfield