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Letter to the editor
Times seem more like a depression
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Forsyth County News
I know that the people of our county and the nation are having a really hard time during this depression, (they call it a recession). Recession is when your neighbor loses his job and a depression is when you lose your’s.

The people have lost their job so they cannot pay their mortgage, car notes, food bill, clothes, utility bills and meals for their children.

Let me list some of the ways that companies, county, federal and state government are doing to help us through this depression:

1. The credit card companies are raising interest rates, regardless of your credit score, to the tune of 13 percent or more.

2. Also, interest on CDs and money market [accounts] are the lowest that they have been in some time. Seniors use what little interest they receive to supplement their income, but that is gone now.

3. Our gas for cars is going up and surely so will natural gas for home heating.

4. The new health care bill will take $500 billion out of Medicare and add a $500 billion tax increase. Our leaders tell us that this will not hurt seniors. Hogwash?

5. Leaders of our county spent money like the well would never run dry, but it did. Now they say they don’t want to spend their reserve but they lay off people who need their jobs, because most people live paycheck to paycheck. If we hadn’t wasted our money, we would have enough to last through this depression.

6. Oh, before I forget it, our governor is spending $855 per hour, for a lawyer, to argue with Florida and Alabama over our water in Lake Lanier. What can he possibly do to earn that kind of money?

As you can see, our governments really don’t do what most of the people they work for want them to do.

Sid Barfield