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Letter to the editor
Buy golf course only as green space, not to operate
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Forsyth County News
As a taxpayer and as a previous Forsyth County commissioner, I must say that the county should buy Lanier Golf Course as green space only.

For several years I wished to buy the golf course for green space close to Cumming. My requests fell on deaf ears. To buy the golf course as a running business is crazy. Even more absurd in these tough economic times. When the business fails, as have the majority of county owned courses over Georgia, the burden of the expense to maintain a course will fall on the taxpayers.

Buy the course as green space and just hold it. See what happens in the economy. Commissioner Bell has several ideas that seem feasible, but I have not read them in any paper. Please use your influence to explore all facets of this problem before our commission majority makes a grave mistake, one we, the taxpayers, will pay for years.

Linda Ledbetter