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Letter to the editor
Opponent motivates Bethel Park group to fight even harder
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Forsyth County News
Though Friends of Bethel Park have highlighted a multitude of serious issues with the placement of a Y camp at Bethel Park, there is one asset we cannot overlook and do appreciate.

Since 2006, Jeff Anderson has been the spokesman for the Y’s position.

He’s had little good to say and shown no respect for our families supporting Bethel Park. That’s fine, but what an unfortunate representative for the YMCA which does respect families (even when in disagreement).  

Each time Jeff Anderson talks down to us and each time he disrespects us, the more resolute my group becomes. This was further illustrated in the Bethel Park meeting on Monday. Jeff Anderson’s disrespect for the families of Bethel Park was obvious this night, which is fine, because his actions further strengthen our resolve.  

Thus, we simply wish to thank Jeff Anderson for providing us that extra motivation each time he takes from his schedule to addresses us. Tony Robbins would be proud.  

Michael Durkin