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Letter to the editor
Furlough those who dont work, not those who do
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Forsyth County News
The leadership of the county school system deserves credit for their recent decision to take a pass on the three additional furlough days proposed by the state.

I have an idea for the “leaders” in our state legistlature:  Furlough the people who vote for a living instead of the people who work for a living.  

Instead of telling teachers and other government employees who work for a living to take an additional three days furlough in the last half of the school year, go back to the lists of those who receive public assistance (food stamps, housing assistance, insurance subsidies, welfare,etc.) and tell those that have been receiving assistance from the taxpayers for more than 18 months (chronic moochers off the taxpayers) that they will have to take a three day furlough on their publically funded benefits to make up the shortfall.  

Take whatever monthly assistance they get from the taxpayers and subtract three days worth of benefits from what they will receive over the next 6 months.

If that is not enough to make up the shortfall, add more furlough days till the money is in the budget to support the activities of those who provide services to the public.

Frank Biederer