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Letter to the editor
Texting ban wrong for deaf drivers
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Forsyth County News
After reading about proposed ban on texting while driving, I felt compelled to write on behalf of all the deaf people in the atate of Georgia. When you have no vocal communication and rely upon sign language or texting for basic communication, the state government should not, and absolutely, I believe, cannot enforce this bill.

There is a federal act for people with disabilities that allows for wheelchair ramps, sign language interpreters, and many others that protect these many and varied people in our population from forms of segregation and discrimination.

This bill would be violating those rights for the deaf and hard of hearing that must rely upon written or signed communication.

In good conscience, those other states that have already enacted a similar bill should also be held accountable.

My son, born deaf, is 36 years old and has never had an automobile accident in his entire 20 years of driving, since age 16. To cause these people to be discriminated against because they may be texting while driving is absurd, and to fine them for it is absolutely ridiculous.

I know the state wants to prevent even more highway accidents, but taking all of our individual rights away, in vehicles we have bought, is very socialistic.  The government, whether it be state or federal, is trying to “protect us from ourselves” for the “greater good.”

If you were deaf how would you feel about being fined for simple and very basic communication, in fact, your only way to communicate other than being face-to-face with someone and sign languaging back and forth?  

Dottie Bone