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Letter to the editor
Students will benefit from new legislation
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Forsyth County News
Last week the president signed into law the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act. This legislation is a historic investment in higher education. The act expands educational opportunities for Georgia students and families.

While one of the aims of the bill is to lower health care costs, it also helps more students afford a college education by strengthening the Pell Grant program. The act helps an additional 5 million Americans, including thousands in Georgia, earn degrees and certificates over the next 10 years by re-energizing programming at Georgia’s community colleges.

In addition, this legislation will cap a graduate’s annual student loan repayments at 10 percent of his or her income.  Investments like this come at no additional cost to taxpayers. These investments are fully paid for by ending government subsidies given to financial institutions.

It is worth remembering that rising health care costs aren’t the only thing burdening families in Georgia; college tuition is also becoming increasingly unaffordable. This bill delivers real reform and provides critical investments that make college more affordable for Georgia’s middle class, while also reducing our national deficit.

Legislation like this is vitally important to Georgia. With the twin pillars of health care and education on a more stable footing, thousands of Georgians will benefit with healthier bodies and minds.

Michael Chapman