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Letter to the editor
Argument against texting law lacks logic
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Forsyth County News

This is in response to Ms. Bone’s letter regarding the texting ban for deaf drivers:

I understand your beliefs and admire your desire to defend the rights of deaf persons in the state of Georgia. Fighting for the rights of deaf persons and impacting legislation will be more likely when an argument uses sound logic. A few flaws in logic are highlighted below in hopes that this may be helpful to you, and others, who plan to fight for a cause.

It appears that your arguments are based on the incorrect premises that “texting while driving laws” will be a violation of basic communication rights, and communication is necessary in order to drive. These flaws have led to the unwarranted assumption, or belief, that deaf persons would be fined for simple and basic communication. People would actually be fined for breaking the law. Verbal and written communication is not necessary for driving and drivers manage to get back and forth each day, alone in their cars, without texting or talking.

Unfortunately, every driver is not as responsible or conscientious as your son. As a result, laws must be created to protect our roads and highways as people exercise the privilege (not right) to drive. Communication requiring the use of our hands may still take place as long as drivers are parked or stopped. It is important to remember that driving is a choice. Other commuting options do exist.

Emotions appear to be encouraging some overgeneralizations and either/or thinking. Some overgeneralizations include saying that deaf individuals will not be able to rely on texting or signing at all and that all of our individual rights are being taken away. The texting laws apply to all individuals as studies and research have proven that distractions requiring drivers to remove their eyes from the road are more likely to result in an accident.

Innocent persons, like your son, are killed every day because drivers think that their driving abilities are good enough to manage multiple tasks. 
Texting while driving accidents do not discriminate and neither do the texting laws.  

Speaking on behalf of all deaf people in the state of Georgia demands that you support their voice with sound reasoning and logic. It might also be helpful to hear what they have to say. My research indicates that they desperately want to be treated just like everyone else.

Chrissy Derrer