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Letter to the Editor
Countys antics are getting old
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Forsyth County News
Years ago, there was a very appropriate expression “something is rotten in Denmark.” Today, it is “something is rotten in Forsyth County.

The main players — Mr. Laughinghouse, Mr. Harrell and Ms. O”Connor. The real issue here, as I see it is: Why is Ms. O’Conner such a lightning rod? Why are Mr. Laughinghouse and Mr. Harrell so intent on apologizing for her “miscommunication” involving the $5 million?  And she insists she tries to be “transparent?” To whom? Certainly not to the entire board of commissioners.  Otherwise, why would there even be a vote to “fire” her?

Here is a woman who has been “written up” twice in her tenure. Laughinghouse and Harrell do not want her fired. After all, Mr. Laughinghouse and Mr. Harrell are on the finance committee; they get first dibbs on the budget approval process.

It gets even better.  Mr. Laughinghouse has “no problem” with her performance, and said there is a “good chance” she will be coming back in January 2009, and “if the situation were such, it could happen.”  What does he mean “if the situation were such?” Does he already have the assurance of Mr. Boff and/or Mr. Bell or Mr. Flack?

Ms. O’Connor seems very complacent and assured.  She is considering all her options, (whatever that means) and she is “certainly going to take some time off — I can promise you that.”

This latest revelation is only part of a sound track, played over and over, and has become worn.  What is there about the word recall we don’t understand?

Don Broome