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Letter to the editor
A power plea
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Forsyth County News
To The Georgia Public Service Commission & Georgia Power:

Most of Georgia’s local news [outlets] have reported that the Georgia Power Company is seeking to raise costs for their costumers. (As much as a 10 percent increase.)

I am asking that Georgia Power not raise customer costs at this time or in the near future.

Most Georgians are struggling with lots of different stressors in their lives. Families are dealing with unemployment, a hike in grocery prices and many more costs for necessities.

Please reconsider demanding Georgians to pay a 10 percent increase in their utility costs.

I would like to know that there is one company that genuinely cares for its costumers during this oppressive, economic time.

Georgia Power is able to show its concern and care for its costumers by taking action and not following through with this 10 percent increase.  

I am writing on behalf of many family members, as well as friends.

Friends and family, please stand up against Georgia Power increasing our costs for their service.

Sandy Martin Moore