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Letter to the editor
Democrat candidates are never conservative
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Forsyth County News
In an ordinary congressional race between a  Republican and a Democrat, if someone says they vote for the man, not the party,  you can take it to the  bank they are a political ignoramus.

Your Democrat  “conservative”, running for Congress, is a bald faced liar. All of them  are liars.  He talks the conservative talk to get the votes from  simpletons. When he gets up there, he is going to vote for one of the Dim Party candidates to lead the Congress. Pelosi and Reid are Marxists. So is  the whole cabal at the top of the  party.

All of them Marxists. He will be  voting for Marxists to set the agenda. Conservatives don’t join a party controlled by Marxists. Your Democrat “conservative” is a human vulture, out  to feather his own nest.

Oh, if you vote for enough “conservative”  Democrats, then conservatives will control the party? It’s 2010 Bunky, not  1950. The party of Southern Democrats is history.

Any vote for anyone not a  Republican, is a vote for Marxism. Either by taking a vote from Republicans, by  voting Libertarian, or some other  half-witted party, that serves the Democrat  cause by siphoning votes from Republicans, or by actually pulling the Democrat  lever, contaminated by the Marxists  and ignoramuses ahead of you, who put their  evil / hysterical / idealistic  hands on it.

A modern mantra by a few  conservatives is to throw them all out; meaning all incumbent  representatives. You’re going to throw out the conservative Republican  running for re-election and vote for the newbie Marxist Democrat? Hello. Anyone home?

Got it, Bunky? It’s real simple. If you are a  conservative, you vote Republican.

Jerome Ostrom